Talent Assessment & Business Improvement Consulting

Business Improvement Consulting includes:

Change Management

  • Organization Design/Redesign
  • People aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including determining “fit” of individuals to new environment/work
  • Tools to define/redefine strategy, purpose, direction of an organization

Executive Coaching and Executive Development

  • Design and implement executive development systems for an entire organization
  • Provide 360-degree assessments for Executives and Senior Managers along with development plans
  • One-on-one coaching for individuals


  • Build teams using tools and methods to determine best fit of individuals to tasks
  • Facilitate team activities to assure effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing business tasks
  • Provide tools and methods to evaluate team performance based on team goals and deliverables

Interpersonal and Interorganizational Conflict Resolution

  • Determine source(s) of conflict(s) using proven methods
  • Design and deliver situation-specific intervention
  • Measure progress/results to assure management goals are met

Learn how TABIC's business consulting can help with:

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People assessments include:

Customized Assessments

  • Build customized, company specific, competency-based assessments using state-of-the-art tools
  • Determine fit between candidates/employees and the actual work
  • Provide written reports to clients

Business Process Improvement

  • Map and determine efficiency/effectiveness of specific current business practices
  • Develop improved methods using internal people in the design and change process
  • Roll out and measure process improvement results to the plan
  • Provide continuous improvement education, tools and methods for improving customer satisfaction

Training Needs Assessments

  • Tools and methods which generate usable, measurable plans
  • Individuals for skill development and performance improvement
  • Organizations for unit-wide plans or overall performance

Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools and Methods

  • Easy to learn, fast to implement problem solving seminar for all levels of employees in any type of organization
  • Tools for teaching everyone in an organization how to accurately diagnose and fix everyday problems, including how to measure when the problem is solved
  • More powerful tools to resolve critical, chronic problems that affect key customers and their satisfaction

Quality Improvement for Key Business Problems

  • Use of Quality Improvement Story Method (QIS) to identify and solve quality-related issues
  • Quality improvement training for employees and managers
  • Quality System Audits

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