CheckPoint 360°™ System Overview

The Comprehensive System to Measure and Improve Leadership

The CheckPoint 360°™ Leadership Competency Feedback System is a professional leadership development tool that measures and improves skills that positively impact a manager’s leadership. Targeting 8 Core Management Competencies and 18 Skill Sets, the system measures management competencies from a variety of perspectives and pinpoints ways to enhance specific leadership skills.

The CheckPoint 360°™ Leadership Competency Feedback System includes 4 integrated components:

Enables you to

  • Identify how well your managers are performing their jobs from the perspectiveof their peers, direct reports and
  • Implement best-practice leadership training specifically
    customized for each manager and target Skill Set.
  • Develop effective coaching-based mentoring programs to drive continuous leadership improvement.
  • Ensure alignment of your executives and managers on the vision, mission and strategic goals for the development of your human capital.

1. CheckPoint 360°™ is the foundation survey and assessment tool used to:

  • Gather perceptions of the manager’s leadership capabilities from the manager and a reference group of boss, peers and direct reports
  • The 70 question survey enables a complete understanding of the manager’s capabilities across 8 key management competencies and 18 key Skill Sets
  • A robust set of reports provides insight into each Skill Set, identifying:
    - The management strengths to build on
    - Skill Sets that require additional development
    - Gaps in perception between the manager and the reference group that may generate challenges.

2. Organizational Management Analysis™ consolidates CheckPoint assessment data from the entire management team to create an executive view of an organization’s management capabilities.

  • Verifies alignment between executives and management of strategic goals for human capital development.
  • Pinpoints the collective strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s management capabilities.
  • Helps prioritize leadership development training to target specific Skill Sets and/or groups of managers that require specific leadership development.

3. Profiles SkillBuilder™ leverages the findings from the CheckPoint 360° to create a personalized improvement plan for each management Skill Set.

  1. SkillBuilder guides the manager through a series of online interviews and exercises to identify specific opportunities to apply development activities in your work environment
  2. SkillBuilder generates a Personal Action Plan, uniquely tailored to the manager in their work environment, that provides a detailed roadmap of activities and strategies to improve the targeted skills
  3. SkillBuilder also generates a custom Coaching Guide that provides detailed guidance to your leadership coach on activities and advice they can use to help you reach your leadership milestones and goals.

4. Coaching Service provides personalized guidance to help your managers reach their leadership goals.

  • Managers align with experienced leadership coach for the duration of the project.
  • Leverages the manager’s personalized SkillBuilder Coaching Guide to apply leadership growth activities to their specific skills and work situation.
  • Can act as primary coach or supplement your organization’s existing coaching resources.

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