The Customer Servics Perspective: Healthcare Assessment Overview

Great patient care begins with people who are naturally inclined to serve others.

In business, poor customer service results in unhappy consumers, loss of business to competitors and negative word-of-mouth.

In healthcare, providing great service is even more important. Increasingly, it is a challenge to identify candidates and employees who have an instinct for patient care, especially with shortages of qualified job candidates and high employee turnover rates.

The Service Your Employees Provide Fosters Patient Loyalty

Exceptional patient care is not a luxury; it is essential and expected. When your employees “go the extra mile” for patients, they appreciate it and they value your service. But having employees who dedicate themselves to serving patients does not happen by chance. It requires a well-defined process and the right tool.

That tool is Profiles International’s Customer Service Profile™, a scientifically developed assessment that gives you an effective means for building a staff of exceptional employees.

In addition to helping you select employees who want to serve, the Customer Service Profile™ provides a system for establishing a clearly defined, comprehensive patient service perspective that will extend throughout your entire organization.

Once established, this perspective becomes the basis for evaluating the patient care characteristics of both employees and job candidates.

The Customer Service Profile™ for healthcare can help you enhance your patients' experience and bring them back the next time they need healthcare services.


  • Individual's Customer Service Perspective
  • Individual's Behavioral Characteristics
  • Individual's Proficiencies

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