The Customer Servics Perspective for Retail Assessment Overview

Great retail customer service begins with people who are naturally inclined to serve others.

The daily challenges of retail business – intense competition, frequent employee turnover and daily struggles to satisfy consumer demands – emphasize the importance of good customer service.

In your retail business, your employees must serve customers in a manner that builds loyalty, minimizes problems and upholds your reputation. To successfully maintain such a customer-service balancing act requires good communication skills, tact and a be-of-service attitude. Not everyone who works in retail has these qualities, but some people are naturally born with them.

Finding employees who consider service to others to be second nature is not difficult when you have the right tool. Profiles International’s Customer Service Profile™ is that tool.

This scientifically developed assessment gives you an effective method for building a staff of exceptional service-oriented employees. Such employees are the reason customers come back, develop long-term loyalty and recommend your business to others. The Customer Service Profile is also a tool for establishing a comprehensive customer service perspective that extends throughout your entire organization.

Using the standards typical for the retail industry as a guide, you will set your own customer service perspective and measure both employees and job candidates to see how they match your expectations. This serves as the basis for effective training and management. A clearly defined and understood customer service program aids communication and prevents problems.

The Customer Service Profile™ helps build your company’s reputation for exceptional customer service and creates long-term, loyal customers.


  • Individual's Customer Service Perspective
  • Individual's Behavioral Characteristics
  • Individual's Proficiencies

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