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How does the LIFO® Method work?

The LIFO® Method offers a fast, effective and lasting path to improve performance of individuals, teams and organizations through:

  • reducing ineffective behavior and targeting the strategies that work,
  • getting rid of self- or team-inflicted barriers to achieving high performance,
  • giving insight and understanding into what makes people tick, thereby improving communication and motivation,
  • improving personal organization and focus,
  • improving problem-solving strategies,
  • coping more effectively in stressful situations, and
  • increasing personal skills of persuading, influencing, delegation and planning.

LIFO's easy-to-use personal style surveys highlight each person’s preferred way of doing things, both in normal circumstances and under stress.

Learn How to Break the Productivity Barrier with LIFO® Training

Read about how individuals and teams acquiring a few simple skills can transform productivity.

Worldwide Practitioners

More than eight million people in 28 countries have experienced the benefits of training and coaching programs utilizing the LIFO® Method.

What makes the LIFO® Method effective?

Life Orientations® effectiveness is due to a number of unique factors:

  • it is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers, just a recognition of why people approach tasks and people in different ways,
  • the feedback you receive is all about you (not you compared to a statistical average person), and is powerful whilst being straightforward,
  • the feedback is accurate because the survey requires you to identify what you actually do, not what you would like to do or think others want you to do,
  • the issues that arise from the feedback are relevant and practical, and give a robust basis for choosing new improvement strategies quickly,
  • it is a facilitator of personal exploration rather than a cold diagnostic tool that forces people into a narrow stereotype,
  • the LIFO® Method helps people identify their strengths in relation to when things are going well and also when they are faced with opposition, stress or conflict,
  • Life Orientations® can identify when someone is overdoing their strengths and as a result not getting the results they envisaged,
  • it is a dynamic measure, which means that it can be used time and again to check on personal development.

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How to get LIFO® certified:

The LIFO Certification Program is designed to ensure that you develop expertise in teaching the developmental strategies and utilizing the training and coaching tools associated with the program. As part of the certification process, you will experience the learning activities as a participant, practice facilitating key components of the program, and consult with the master trainer concerning your implementation plans.

Three Ways to Become Certified

You can learn to facilitate this program in three ways:

Public Seminar. Attend a seminar led by one of our Master Trainers, held regularly in major cities around the world.

On-site Seminar. Arrange for a Master Trainer to conduct a certification seminar for multiple trainers at your location for greater convenience and lower cost. Can be customized to meet the specific performance improvement goals of your organization.

Guided Self-Study with Coaching. Complete at your own pace, at your own place, whenever it is most convenient for you. An easy-to-follow self study guide and unlimited telephone support ensure all your questions are answered.

As part of the certification process, you will receive:

Leader's Guide. A comprehensive guide with complete instructions on how to facilitate all the learning activities in the program.

Participant Materials. A complete copy of all the participant materials for your own personal reference.

Pilot Pack. Contains three complete sets of participant materials for conducting your first pilot workshop.

Online Tools. Authorization to administer online LIFO Surveys and generate LIFO developmental reports for clients.

Post-Seminar Consultation. Unlimited consultation with one of our Master Trainers to address any specific application or implementation questions you may have.

License. Your license will stay with you throughout your career, even if you change employers or become an independent consultant.

Advanced Seminars. Opportunities to participate in special advanced programs for LIFO Trainers.

Membership. You will be part of an international network of certified trainers and consultants.

Continuing Professional Development

After the program, you can consult with TABIC to design customized applications to meet even more specific needs for strategic planning, performance appraisal, executive coaching, diversity training, and change management.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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