What can assessments do for you?

TABIC provides innovative, web-enabled assessments which consistently and cost effectively help match people with the work of the organization by accurately measuring potential and predicting job performance.

Using assessments, you can easily identify the people you want to promote and hire. And, by using Job Match Patterns specific to your company, you will be able to identify training needs and implement plans so you achieve outstanding results.

TABIC's online assessments allow you to...

Deliver extraordinary customer service
Assess and hire people with integrity
Analyze your skills for career planning
Allow peers to evaluate managers
Assess and develop leadership
Avoid negligent hiring problems
Know the backgrounds of hires
Improve working relationships
Measure and increase productivity
Use a total assessment for successful hiring
Select successful sales people
Help managers perform better
Evaluate a job candidate's qualifications
Help leaders get the most from their groups
Assess and develop management teams
Identify and/or develop top sales people
Assess your organization's productivity
Develop your leadership teams
Create an applicant management system

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