Talent Assessment & Business Improvement Consulting

Solutions for Senior Managers

TABIC offers diagnostic services and on-line assessments that help CEOs, Senior Managers and others who make hiring and development decisions answer the following questions:

  • As an Executive or Senior Manager, how can I better select and develop my leadership team?
  • How can I get the right people into key positions faster and with greater assurance they can and will do what is required? How do I give them helpful, actionable and timely performance feedback?
  • How can I reduce my cost per hire and increase the quality of performance for people during the difficult first year transition for new employees, especially those in critical leadership positions?


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  • How do I accurately, quickly and cost-effectively determine those I should consider for promotion?
  • How do I better determine whom I should hire in sales jobs?
  • How can I more accurately predict the performance and success of my sales managers and the sales force?
  • How can I get valid information for bench strength analysis and succession planning?
  • How can I consistently get good information to help bring in, develop and move out people in order to renew the business and optimize results?

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