Overview of the Profiles Skills Test for employee skill testing

Profiles Skills Tests™ provide a comprehensive list of tests to measure essential knowledge and skills. Our technologies use performance-based testing, which simulates popular software products to ensure accurate, reliable measurement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a person. Profiles International offer over 1,500 customizable skills tests in six languages to select people with the required skills for a job.

Types of Tests Available

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Software Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Clerical Skills
  • Call Center Skills
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Medical and Nursing
  • Legal
  • Industrial
  • Computer Literacy
  • Retail Sales
  • Food Services
  • Information Technology
  • Many More

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Technical Specs

Time to Take: Average 35 minutes
Administration: Online
Results Turnaround: Immediate

Getting started is easy

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