The Profiles Workforce Compatibility Survey Overview

The quality of the relationship between Manager (executive, director, supervisor, team leader) and employee significantly impacts employee performance. Managers and employees who understand each other’s style are highly productive and engaged. However, Managers who are “out of sync” with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale and high excessive employee turnover.
• A significant factor that drives employee engagement and productivity is their relationship with their boss.
• Research consistently shows the primary reason employees leave a company is because of conflict with their Manager.

The more a Manager understands an employee, the more effective they can be. Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ is a valuable management tool that combines insight into the unique working characteristics that can impact the employee/ manager relationship, along with actionable information on how the employee and Manager can best work together.

• Understand differences in working styles between Managers and employees.
• Receive specific guidance on how the Manager and employee interact to: Increase productivity; Improve communications between Manager and employee; Identify and avoid potential management conflicts; Resolve ineffective working relationships.


Types & Uses of Reports

Manager Report

The Supervisor Report provides detailed analysis of the quantitative differences in ratings between the Manager and the employee for the 7 characteristics.
• The Profiles Summary provides a high level overview of the major working styles for both the Manager and the employee.
• The Characteristic Comparisons section provides quantitative ratings identifying similarities and differences between the employee and the Manager for the 7 characteristics.
• The Working Together section provides specific recommendations on how to best manage the employee based on the similarities and differences in working characteristics.
• The Next Steps section provides detailed instructions on how to successfully implement Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ solution.


  • Self-assurance
  • Self-reliance
  • Conformity
  • Optimism
  • Decisiveness
  • Objectivity
  • Approach to learning

Employee Report

The Employee Report provides an employee-centric perspective of the similarities and differences in working characteristics of their Manager, with specific guidance on what they can do to best work with their Manager.

A Success Story...

"When people become more knowledgeable about each other’s uniqueness, differences and areas in common, compatibility increases. More work gets accomplished. Greater engagement results in increased productivity."
– Jim Maloney, President
United Freight Services

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