The Workforce Analysis Profile

A major nationwide study has shown that over 50% of the working population are not engaged in their work.

The Employee Reality Check-Up

Our labor force is changing, and individuals in the workforce are less motivated, want less responsibility, are less educated and are widely diverse in age, background and lifestyle.

Measuring employees’ attitudes and beliefs toward their employers, current managers and job functions is a critical first-step toward building a high-performance workforce and enhancing and improving the engagement levels within an organization.

There is no best-practice for engagement in today’s workforce, but understanding, knowing and tailoring corporate job offerings to a changing workforce puts an organization and its decision-makers in control in order to raise engagement levels.

The WorkForce Analysis Profile™ is a unique survey designed to measure employees’ engagement levels and their total workplace experiences. It also indicates job satisfaction and the work environment of staff members within an organization. The information collected in this survey provides leaders with a vital perspective on the current reality in their organizations’ workplace and areas of concern affecting the total workplace experience.

The WorkForce Analysis Profile™ provides insight into your employees’ opinions about human resource issues, the role work plays in their lives, what their needs and preferences are on-the-job and what motivates them at work.

Engaged employees are excited and enthusiastic about their jobs. They resist distractions, tend to forget about time and routinely produce significantly more than the job requires. They enjoy searching for ways to improve circumstances and volunteer for difficult assignments. They also encourage others to higher levels of performance. Finally, they are proud to be involved with their organization and are more likely to stay with the company. Wouldn't you want this type of employee experience at your company?

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