The Profiles Workforce Engagement Survey Overview

Our Workplace Engagement Survey™ measures the degree to which your employees connect with their work and feel committed to the organization and its goals. This gives you and your management team a detailed view of what influences engagement and how your employees compare statistically to the overall working population. In addition, the it measures "satisfaction with employment" and "satisfaction with management" across your entire organization, and gives specific recommendations for your organization to improve.

The Workplace Engagement Survey™ is used to help companies and organizations improve their workforce performance.

Types of Tests Available


Survey Report

Useful to the manager. Provides information about your organization from the perspective of your employees. Also indicates employee engagement levels.


  • Levels of employee engagement
  • Compares your company's level of engagement with the national average
  • Satisfaction with employment
  • Satisfaction with manager

Technical Specs

Time to Take: 15 minutes
Administration: Online
Results Turnaround: Immediate

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